"If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all OK
And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these
I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear"

- Jewel/Hands

Staff and Administration

CEO- Bill Regan

General Counsel – Eric Walton 
Legal Analyst – Sherri Jefferson 
Director, Human Resources – Gregg Townsend 
Human Resources Coordinator – Deanna Hall 
Special Projects Officer – Vera Houston 
Controller – Richard Glover 
Accountant – Roberta Stokes 
Investment and Tax Accountant - Erica Malone 
Business Analyst – Everett Rivera

Chief Communications Officer – Rene Bowers 
Communications Manager – Regina Francis 
Communications Officer - Neal Morales

Executive Assistant - Charlene Brooks 
Staff Administration – Debra Cruz 
Receptionist - Chelsea Flores 
Administrative Assistant, Environmental Conservation – Kayla Mcguire

Chief Program Officer, Environmental Conservation – Doug Crawford
Program Finance Officer – Loretta Christensen 
Program Officer – India -  Chandika Anagal 
Program Officer – Indonesia - Raharjo Sudirman Tan 
Program Officer – Bangladesh, Sri Lanka - Krishani Jayamaha 
Program Officer – Thailand - Chao-tak Phrompan 
Program Officer – Laos, Cambodia - Pen Phhoung 
Program Officer – Vietnam - Nguyễn Tấn Nam 
Program Officer – Pakistan - Shapur Jappa 
Program Officer – Marine Conservation - Mitchell Leonard 
Program Manager – Science – Arlene Bennett 
Program Manager, Patient Care – Andrea Wilkins 
Program Officer, Science - Judy Newman 
Program Officer, Education – Daisy Roy 
Program Officer, Marine Microbiology – Omar Jensen 
Measuerment, Learning, and Evaluation Officer – Vanessa Harris

Chief Investment Officer – Tricia Soto 
Director of Real Assets – Traci Carr 
Director of Equities and Fixed Income – Erika Taylor
Director of Hedge Fund Strategies – Larry Hubbard 
Director of Portfolio Strategy & Operations, Investments Investment Associate - Katrina Lewis 
Investment and Tax Manager - Georgia Dixon 
Financial Analyst – Monique Caldwell 
Investment Associate – Claire Padilla

Director, Grants Administration - Kerry Moss 
Grants Officer – Lance Rodriguez 
Grants Associate – Tracey Parks


Trustees Chairman – Carolyn Alexander Ph.D. 
Vice-Chairman – Jennifer Rivera Ph.D. 
Trustee – Paul Stewart Ph.D. 
Trustee - Janet  Williams Ph.D. 
Trustee – Amy Wright MD 
Trustee -  Philip Long Ph.D. 
Trustee – Daniel Adams MD 
Trustee - Bruce Clark Ph.D. 
Trustee – Sharon Young MD
Trustee - John Roberts Ph.D.